Hotel services

Hotel services

You need to ensure your hotel is always clean and it welcomes your guests in a pleasant environment. For this, you need to book hotel services that provide you with the cleanliness you need all over your hotel. Our services include cleaning both the inside and the outside of your hotel.

General clean

One of the most important factors that guarantee customer’s satisfaction in hotels is cleanliness. In order to ensure your clients are satisfied, you need to count on our hotel cleaning services, as we will really make a difference in the cleanliness level of your hotel. We handle the cleaning chores in every area of your hotel, including: rooms, guest and employee restrooms, front lobby areas, back of house service hallways, kitchens, restaurants, and spas. We can also do carpet cleaning and hard floor care, including stripping and waxing, as well as marble maintenance and restoration.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurant cleanliness is highly important for your business. We will ensure your restaurants and bars look at their best. We will make your entire facility shine, starting with the dining room, continuing with the bar, and ending with the commercial kitchen.

Hotel room cleaning and housekeeping

In order to ensure your guests have a truly pleasant experience while sleeping in your hotel, you need to get our hotel room cleaning and housekeeping services. Some of the chores we do for your hotel include:

  • Bedrooms: dust all furniture, vacuum the entire room, and inspect the linen to ensure it is free of stains and tears and it is in good condition.
  • Bathrooms: clean bathtubs and showers, clean shower doors/wall and fixtures, clean sink, vanities, and mirrors, shine chrome, re-stock hotel amenities, clean toilet top to bottom, sweep and mop entire area, and clean all doors.
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